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DIY: Fence Cleaning and Staining




For fences that need a make-over, here's how. All it takes are a few simple repairs. With the use of a power washer and an oil stain you can make your fence look brand new.


Power Washing


Power washers deliver high pressure water jets. Nothing can stand the water pressure that a power washer delivers. It will remove all kinds of dirt. The fence can get deeply scarred and ruined by its powerful water jets. This is why it is also important to understand how the power sprayer works.


Used correctly, the power sprayer works well to your advantage. This helps later in the application of the wood stain.


Power washers are efficient in getting the job done of cleaning old fences. It is important to choose the right tip and test the pressure of the spray before aiming it on wood. It is always good to err on the side of caution.


A power sprayer is a fairly easy equipment to use.


Tie all loose plants or vegetation growing alongside the fence.


You will likely get wet so wear water-proof clothing.


Spray the power washer evenly across the surface of the fence boards. Stripping away dirt and grime from the boards brightens its appearance. Continuing to spray when you already see the wood exposed does not improve its color.


Straigthening Up the Gate


You may now see the extent of damage that your fence has suffered and what kind of repairs you need to do. If you have broken or split boards, you can repair it with waterproof wood glue. Bind separated joints with corrosion-free bolts and nuts instead of common wire nails for better fitting together.


Use braces to support a sagging gate.


Wood preservatives lengthen the life of your fence by protecting it from rotting. Be aware that your fence rots first at the bottom part.


The natural blend of the wood's color can be enhanced by using semi-transparent oil stain. Wood stains contain pigments that add a blend of color to the wood's natural shades. Contact Fence Refinishing Services Fort Collins for the best help.


Let the Fence Dry Completely


The fence must be completely dry before you attempt to apply the sealer. This takes 1 - 3 days depending on weather conditions. Some kinds of wood take on deeper shades of color over time. Choose a toned sealer to bring out the natural shades of the wood.


Coat the wood with sealer using a paint roller. The wood can absorb as much sealer as you soak it with. Brush the sealer into the wood after the sealer has been applied by the paint roller. Make sure all areas including the corners are completely sealed. Clear lap marks by keeping edges wet.


If You Think You Can't Get the Job Done Yourself


There are service people and Deck Staining Services in Fort Collins professionals who offer to clean and renew fences for a suitable fee. Fees vary.